Coach Tara at UTMB!

Training for 100 miler people sometimes ask me why would you want to run that far? Well, mainly because the longer the race the more time in the mountains!

Here’s some tips on how to keep training fun and sustainable, and not make running feel so much like “Training.” The whole reason I trail run at all is because I love being in the mountains, so training needs to be FUN!

  • Change up the routes, terrain, elevation, pace,, to keep running interesting and not repetitive.
  • Run with a group to get you out there and motivate you to put in some harder efforts; I often do intervals with Vancouver Falcons Athletic Club once a week.
  • Plan a weekend adventure, or a trip to new trails to get you excited about exploring the area. For majority of my long runs I’ve been fortunate enough to have amazing friends to do long adventure runs with (most of who I have met at running groups)!
  • Sign up for a race and treat it as a “training” long run when you have other longer races in the future that are more important to you. You get to practice eating food and carrying gear during more of a “race” setting.
  • Pace a friend in a race and use as a long day out and training for your race.
  • Have a reward at the end of your long run waiting for you. For me this could be pizza or a burger and beer!
  • Plan your least favourite section of a route if you can first and do your favourite route last. For example when I am doing a double up and down the same mountain, I will do the route with no views first and as a “reward” to myself on the 2nd time up pick my favourite route with the best views.
  • Have a plan that includes flexibility. I have stuck to a training plan from my coach Ellie Greenwood, but it does allow for flexibility; such as signing up for races as “training” which I love to do to put in a bit harder effort than a normal long run, and all the adventures! Having a coach can keep you more accountable.

This year that has happened fairly naturally.  I have had the opportunity to travel and adventure with many amazing and inspiring friends to Colorado, Utah, California, Washington, and local routes in BC.

For Ultra Trail Du Month Blanc, I get the opportunity to travel around Europe throughout France, Italy and Switzerland with my boyfriend, and friends who are running CCC. I couldn’t be more excited for the journey and opportunity to explore the alps by foot!

It is less than one week until race day!  Time to rest and taper and not be tempted by the mountains until then!